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Fantasy Cricket App

About Fantasy Cricket App

Fantasy Cricket App is a skill-based platform where you make money while you play. This app takes your passion for the sport one step ahead and engages you in an enthralling fantasy cricket experience on your mobile screen. The format is simple and the game is a delight for every cricket fanatic. You create a virtual team of 11 players, join the various contests based on different international cricket formats like T20, ODI and TEST cricket, and watch these players win you prizes with their real-time statistical performance on the pitch. This game demands deep cricket expertise, in-depth knowledge about the pitch and ability to make a judgment based on the weather report.

Why Choose MyGameVilla?

MyGameVilla is India’s fastest-growing gaming platform that provides you with a seamless and delightful fantasy cricket experience. Each user starts with a credit score of 100 on which they build their teams. This ensures that every player starts the same, gets to play fair and the game remains exciting.

On the MyGameVilla app, you can also check the performance of a player in the last 5 matches. Along with the fantasy points, you can also check the strike rate, bowling average, usual batting position and the percentage of people selecting a particular player for that match. With these details and comparison stats, you can make a more informed selection decision.

Fantasy games are all about creating your own team and making your own winning strategy. The aim of the game is to form a team that earns the highest number of points and the player who does so, is the winner. Fantasy game is a skill-based game and it is with the right strategy that you win the game over.

Benefits of Playing Fantasy Cricket on MyGameVilla App

Owning a team of real cricket players is virtually possible now with the MyGameVilla fantasy cricket app. Just log in, join a contest, choose your players and win! Use your cricket knowledge and skills to write your fantasy cricket journey.

Here are the other key benefits of playing fantasy cricket on MyGameVilla app:

  • Match ScoreCard
  • Free Content Entry
  • Easy Structure
  • Maximum Winner
  • Win exciting cash prizes
  • Withdraw your winnings easily
  • Fast Withdraw

How to Download and Install Fantasy Cricket App?

Follow the below-given steps to download the fantasy cricket app now.

STEP 1 : Go to, download app.
STEP 2 : Open the ‘mygamevilla.apk’ from the notification bar, click on settings and allow installation from ‘Unknown Sources’.
STEP 3 : Open the app, enter mygamevilla referral/invite code and start playing.

Tips to Start with Fantasy Cricket App

Register with your mobile number, email then application need to verify your mobile with a One Time Password (OTP). This step will enable our fantasy cricket app to personalize your gaming experience. Once inside, follow the below-given steps to participate in this game of thrills & spills.

FAQs Related to Fantasy Cricket App

(1) What are Fantasy Cricket Apps?

Fantasy cricket is a sports game where each player can make a team of 11 players. As the game starts, the users get points for the fantasy teams they have selected based on their performance in the real match. The points are given on the basis of runs, wickets and catches, among others.
To join a fantasy cricket league, you need to join a match and pick a team of 11 players that includes 1-6 batsmen, 1-6 bowlers, 1-4 wicket-keepers and 1-6 all-rounders. Along with it, you also need to select the Captain and Vice-Captain of the team.
But what truly makes online fantasy cricket so interesting? Well, there is more than one reason for it.
Create your team: Fantasy games put you in control. You make your own cricket team 11 and then enjoy seeing them win a match. So, you can actually leave behind the frustrating feeling of watching a team play that you didn’t agree to.
Exciting matches: Indian fantasy cricket can never give you a dull moment. It’s like you are playing every match with the team. It’s the kind of engagement that you can never get tired of.
Winning factor: One of the most rewarding ways to spend your leisure time. When you play fantasy cricket and win cash daily, you not only get an adrenaline rush but also a sense of achievement. You can win cash rewards and prizes every day. To improve your skills, you can always do a quick check on fantasy cricket tips and become a pro in this game. So, start and play fantasy games now.

(2) Are Fantasy Cricket Apps Legal in India?

Yes, fantasy cricket apps are legal in India. Fantasy sports is now considered as a game of skill and anybody can play these sports in India (except for the states of Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, Nagaland & Telangana as per government rules).

(3) How to Play Fantasy Cricket on MyGamevilla App?

Playing fantasy cricket on MyGamevilla app is easy. The steps to play are: select a match on the app, build your dream fantasy team, and then, join a cash contest..

(4) Is MyGamevilla a Free Fantasy Cricket App?

Downloading MyGamevilla fantasy cricket app is free of cost. Once the app is downloaded, you can choose from a variety of cash contests or play free practice contests on the free app available on Google Play Store..

Get the app for these exclusive features

  • Invite your friends & get Rs. 100 cash bonus per friend.
  • Free contest entry and contest earning base on your chain.
  • Build your own following. Follow people and see what they share, right in your feed
  • Play more, level up & get exciting rewards.

Users Reviews

Everyone is winning at MyGameVilla
MyGameVilla Fantasy app user Ankita

Ankita, Mumbai

I learnt to play fantasy cricket on MyGameVilla and won ₹ 3,000 recently. You can check out their video to know how to play in a fantasy cricket game. It was really helpful for a beginner like me.


MyGameVilla Fantasy app user Sinchan

Sinchan, Banglore

I won ₹ 30,000 in Mega Contest on MyGameVilla. There are so many contests for us to choose from and it gives us a better chance of winning. You should totally try.


MyGameVilla Fantasy app user Sofia

Sofia, Delhi

I have earned ₹ 5,600 last week on MyGameVilla and my experience has been good. I have tried other platforms too but I feel MyGameVilla offers a better user experience. There are also a lot of ways in which we can get a cash bonus.


Fantasy Cricket App

Fantasy cricket is that innovation within the cricket fraternity that helped millions play virtual cricket. Making teams and choosing captains, are just a few of the strategic inclusions within any Fantasy cricket game. Fantasy cricket allows you to be the coach of a team and decide who is fit for the game, and who is not.

Fantasy Cricket is an arena where a lot of contestants take part to create and put their team into action. Even though it is all about cricket, but there are things that operate differently within the Fantasy world. And yes, you need to put the desired amount of money into playing these contests. There are disclaimers to these apps that you need to play it at your own risk.

You need to do sensible spending over fantasy cricket, to make it worth an expense. Your instincts, strategies, and knowledge of the game are what will increase your winning chances.

How to Download and Install Fantasy Cricket App?

There are numerous fantasy league apps in play, as of today! But, not all of them got their place in the play store. Therefore, it is important for you to look for the official website of the new fantasy cricket app, and get the download link from there.

Remember to trust only the official website and no other third-party websites. For your explanation, let’s take the new fantasy app, Mygamevilla as an example. For downloading this new and best fantasy app, you must:

  • Log onto the official website of Mygamevilla.
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Get the application download link.
  • You will get a text message with the download link.
  • Click on it, and your download will begin.

Now, as you have downloaded the set-up file, your device will prompt you to install it. Continue the process, and your app will be installed. Open the application, to add the required information, and you are done! You are now ready to play fantasy cricket over Mygamevilla.

It can be counted as the best fantasy cricket app, that has taken the world by storm. You can go ahead and explore the impeccable features and rewards that they have to offer for sign-ups. And, you can also pick different fantasy cricket apps, based upon your choices,

How to Get Started Playing Fantasy Cricket on the MygameVilla App?

It is quite easy for fantasy cricket players to put up their skills, strategies, and gameplay into the concept. MygameVilla is one of the top fantasy cricket platforms that allow you to download the app and get started with the game immediately.

Go to the official website of Mygamevilla, download this new fantasy app, install it and set it up. For getting started with this best fantasy cricket app, the MygameVilla app, you will need to follow some easy steps that include:

  • In this new fantasy cricket app, you will be provided with a list of recent matches to be played. You will have to select one match to create a team and bet on.
  • In this new fantasy cricket app, you will be provided with a list of recent matches to be played. You will have to select one match to create a team and bet on.
  • The second step in this fantasy league is to create a team. Look for the right players, right skills, and available credits to make your team.
  • When your team of 11 players is ready, search for the available contests. The contests differ in terms of betting money and the number of contestants in them. Pick the one that has high winning chances.
  • If you have picked the team right, your winning chances are high.

It is the best fantasy app with high winning potential! Go ahead and check it out!

How to Start Playing Fantasy Cricket?

Starting to use the fantasy cricket app, is like getting into the field with gloves and pads on. You are the coach of your team, and you need to decide upon which players will fit into the playing XI.
When you pick a match, you should already have a brief knowledge about which players are in-game. Every new fantasy app has a feature to show you which players are playing XI on the ground. And using this feature, you can create a fantasy league team, the players of which are going to play on the ground.

If you miss out on using this feature of every new fantasy cricket app, then you will probably miss out on your winning potential as well. After you chose the match and the players, it is time to join the contest. And for joining the contest, you need to bet on a minimal amount.

It depends upon you to pick the amount you are ready to put in. Join your best fantasy cricket app team, to the contest, and wait for the match to begin. The players playing on the ground will help you score points on your mobile device. Ultimately, the end of the game will collectively decide upon your players’ performance, to put you in a rank.

With strategic team-building skills over the best fantasy app, you can win a serious amount of rewards.

How to Create Fantasy Cricket Team?

Download the best fantasy cricket app to get started with the process. Choose a new fantasy cricket app, as they have a good load of features. Here is how you can create a team:

  • Check the player performance.
  • Check on the pitch and weather report.
  • Pick the top-order batsmen over the best fantasy app you chose.
  • Pick the bowlers, wicketkeeper, and all-rounders as well.
  • Choose the captain and vice-captain of your fantasy league team.
  • Wait for the toss, to make last-minute changes to the fantasy cricket team.

You can multiple teams over any new fantasy app you come across. So, make sure you do your research well before making the team and putting your money into this fantasy game. 

Tips and Tricks to Start with Fantasy Cricket App

Get along with the best fantasy cricket app, to enjoy massive winnings and have the perks associated with the fantasy league game. But, in the process, you will need some tips and tricks to start with the game. So, here they are:

  • Prefer a new fantasy cricket app always, as they have tons of features for you.
  • Even the best fantasy app, will demand you to put strategies into team building.
  • The combination of players within fantasy cricket should be appropriate.
  • You cannot take all batsmen or all bowlers to the fantasy game. Even though a new fantasy app allows you to do that, don’t preferably do it!
  • Stay updated with the news & updates on the match and players.

Hence, follow these, and you will be all good in the game!

How to Win Fantasy Cricket?

Winning fantasy cricket games are not that tough, but it is not so easy as well. You will be competing with several people who are using that new fantasy cricket app, you picked. And, they might have more or less game knowledge than you, which cannot be measured. Therefore, when you pick any best fantasy cricket app, follow just your instincts! 

Make your fantasy league team that you think has the right potential to help you win. Your research and stats might be better than all the others in that prize pool. Prepare a team that can win the contest, but even if you don’t, you should be on the top ranks of that particular match in the new fantasy app

Even if you get the best fantasy app, you can still lose. Therefore, imposing the right strategies and the win is yours to take.

Benefits of Playing Online Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy cricket has taken over the popularity amongst people. And, it is now booming at a large scale. Therefore, to explain to you its potential, here are some of the benefits that you will get from using any of the best fantasy cricket app. They include:

  • By using any new fantasy cricket app, you will be learning more about the sport. 
  • You will get to show your cricketing skills within the best fantasy app
  • Every new fantasy app is often introduced with monetary perks. So, you can avail them as well!
  • The cash prize is the biggest reward in this fantasy league game. 
  • You develop your strategic ability of thinking. 
  • A winning mindset is developed within you. 

Understand these perks, and you will be able to leverage the full potential of fantasy cricket. 

Why Play Fantasy Cricket on Mygamevilla?

Mygamevilla is the best fantasy cricket app to date. It has impeccable features and offers for the fantasy cricket fanatics out there. Even though it is a new fantasy cricket app, it has still won over the minds of people.

This new fantasy app has over 10 lakh active users and has distributed money over Rs.20 crores. It explains why Mygamevilla is called the best fantasy app. It has crossed several milestones in a very short period.

Fantasy cricket is something that is being loved immensely in India. But, Mygamevilla also has many other online money-winning games over its platform. So, when you want a break from fantasy league, Mygamevilla has other games for you as well.

The reasons why you should play fantasy league on Mygamevilla are:

  • You can play fantasy cricket even during the game. It means you can play 2nd innings fantasy cricket over Mygamevilla, that is unique amongst all!
  • You can join leader boards to complete personalized missions and win more rewards.
  • You can play fantasy cricket over Mygamevilla in 8 languages.
  • The prize money is moved to the winners’ account, within just 15 minutes after the match ends.

Hence, these are some strong reasons, why you should go ahead with Mygamevilla for your fantasy cricket love. Even if you are currently playing it over any other app, you must give it a try to Mygamevilla, to know the potential of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy cricket is an online game where a user can create a virtual team consisting of real cricket players. The players can be chosen from the upcoming match and points are scored depending on how the selected players perform in that real-life match. The higher your team scores, the better are your chances of winning.

Which players to select?

Check the pitch report. Check whether it is batting or bowling pitch. If it is batting pitch then select more batsman in the team and if it is a bowling pitch, then choose more bowlers in the team. Check players performance from previous match and records of players on playing pitch. Depending on all these factors you can select players for your team.

What are tips and tricks to win more?

Fantasy cricket is an online game where a user can create a virtual team consisting of real cricket players. The players can be chosen from the upcoming match and points are scored depending on how the selected players perform in that real-life match. The higher your team scores, the better are your chances of winning.

  1. A player sitting outside cannot perform So make sure you choose only those players who are going to be in the playing XI. But the good thing is that at MyGameVilla, you can now edit your team till the last min before the match starts.
  2. Look for batsmen in batting positions 1-2-3 in both the teams.The first 3-4 batsmen from both the team get the maximum opportunity to score runs. And that is the reason why someone like Kohli or Rohit Sharma has more runs than a player like Dhoni.
  3. Choose players based on their form from previous matches.Selecting a player in form will benefit you more compared to selecting a player who isn’t. Also, see how a player haves performed against the same opponent or on the same pitch in past matches.
  4. Check the pitch & weather report.Check if it is a bowling or batting friendly pitch? Is the average score on that pitch above 190 in T20s? This will help you decide if you want to go for a batsmen heavy team or a bowler heavy team.
  5. Bowler’s economy doesn’t matter too much. Wickets do.So pick your bowlers who are wicket takers. For example, bowlers like Piyush Chawla or Imran Tahir will give you more points, because they take a lot of wickets even if they get hit a lot.

    Once you have selected your “Best XI”, it’s time to choose a captain and a vice-captain for your team.

  6. As they say, a captain should lead by example in fantasy cricket, whatever points your captain make will be doubled and your vice-captain will get 1.5 times his points.
How to play Fantasy Cricket?

Playing fantasy cricket on MyGameVilla is very easy. Just follow the steps below.

  • Select the match that you wish to play
  • Create your team
  • Join one of the many contests
  • Win money and withdraw your cash
Will I be able to withdraw money?

Yes, the money that you win from the contest can be withdrawn and transferred to your bank account. The minimum amount that can be withdrawn is Rs.200 and maximum is Rs. 2,00,000. You can even join the contest for next match using the amount and win more.
You cannot withdraw any amount from your bonus wallet. The bonus amount can be used only to join the contest and play the game. So once you earn money by winning in the contest, the money can be transferred but not referral bonus amount.

Is it legal to play Fanstasy Cricket?

Fantasy Cricket Games are legal in India, these games are categorised as the game of skills as it involves skill factors such as knowledge, expertise, judgement, strategy and understanding. The law in these five states- Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, Nagaland and Telangana proclaims that any game of mixed chance and skill cannot be played for any real money. therefore for the residents of these four states Fantasy games are not available for real money. Above all, in-depth thinking and pre-requisite knowledge about the game is the main factor responsible for the overall popularity of Fantasy Cricket in India. You need to apply all the permutation and combination to defeat your opponent. it is a misconception that Fantasy Cricket is gambling or betting and is illegal in India. It is 100% legal to play Fantasy cricket in India.
A person who is 18 or more years of age is eligible to use our services, however, if a person violates age restrictions, it’s his/her sole responsibility to bear the legal actions that might follow.