Frequently Asked Questions

MyGameVilla Account

What is MyGameVilla?

MyGameVilla is one of the leading fantasy sports platforms in India with a user base of 10 million+ users. MyGameVilla enables the users to earn real money by using their skills and knowledge for playing fantasy sports.

How do I sign up?

The users can sign up on MyGameVilla by filling a short registration form available on the homepage of MyGameVilla website. However, the users can also signup directly by using their Facebook or Google+ account.

Why can’t I log in to my account?

The users may encounter signup problems due to various reasons. The primary reasons due to which the user might not be able to signup can include the user might be entering incorrect email address or password. In case the user has forgotten his/her password, there’s a Forgot Password link available below the login option. By clicking on the Forgot Password link, the user will be taken to a new webpage, wherein the user can reset his/her password by entering his/her registered mobile number and MyGameVilla will send an OTP. The user can enter the OTP sent by MyGameVilla to reset his/her password.

Can I have multiple accounts on MyGameVilla?

No. A user is allowed to have only one account under its name with valid supporting documents on MyGameVilla. Please refer Fair Play policy for further details.

Can I update/edit my information?

The users can easily update/edit their information by logging into their MyGameVilla accounts using their registered email address and password. After logging into their MyGameVilla account the users can edit/update their information by clicking on ‘Edit Profile’ on the top right of the page. The users will be able to edit their basic information including date of birth and address but the users won’t be allowed to change, update/edit their profile name, email address, mobile number or team name once registered with MyGameVilla.

I’m sure I’ve got the right username and password but I still can’t log in.

In case you are a registered and verified user of MyGameVilla, and are using the correct registered email address and mobile number but still can’t login into your MyGameVilla account, please reach out to us via the Contact Us page.

I did not get any confirmation email after I signed up.

In case you haven’t received any confirmation email from MyGameVilla after registering with MyGameVilla there could be 2 reasons:

  • The mail sent by MyGameVilla might have been marked as “Spam” and could have been sent to the spams folder of your mailbox. In such case, please check the spam folder of your mailbox and mark MyGameVilla as ‘Not Spam,’ additionally add MyGameVilla to your contacts in order to avoid any future inconvenience.
  • The user might have mistyped his/her email address while registering with MyGameVilla. In such case, please reach out to us via our Contact Us page.
I don’t know much about cricket – can I still play?

The fantasy cricket services offered by MyGameVilla are for everyone including those who don’t know much about cricket. So, yes, you can play even if you don’t know much about cricket. In addition, the “ How to Play ” section of MyGameVilla website can assist you in playing the game by briefing you about the playing tactics.

Playing on MyGameVilla

How do I play on MyGameVilla?

The users can avail the services offered by MyGameVilla and play contest(s) organized on MyGameVilla by simply registering/logging into their account. In order to play and avail the services provided, the user needs to follow these simple steps:

  • Register/Login to MyGameVilla
  • Select the match you want to join and then click on the ‘Create New Team’ button for creating your team
  • Create your team of 11 players (including a Captain & Vice-captain) within an allocated virtual budget of 100 credit points choosing from all the players in the match
  • Join free or cash contests of your choice. Cash contests let you win cash and require an entry fee, for which we provide multiple payment methods such as Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net banking, and different wallet services.
  • After the beginning of the match your team is awarded points on the basis of the on-field performance of your selected players. Final points, ranks, and winners are declared after the end of the match
When does Fantasy Games start on MyGameVilla?

Fantasy games on MyGameVilla are divided into two classes: Regular Play & Safe Play. The games in Regular Play comes with a deadline which is usually 1-hour prior the beginning of the real match for cricket, volleyball & kabaddi and.1:30 hours prior for football However, the games in Safe Play are not time-bounded and starts right before the beginning of the real match.

Can I change my teams for future rounds?

Yes, the user needs to create a new team for every match on MyGameVilla.

What if one of my chosen players does not play in the round?

In an event wherein one of your selected players is included in the match but does not play, then your team will not be awarded any points.

How many players are needed to create a team?

In order to create a team, the user requires 11 players in cricket wherein there must be at least 3 bowlers, 3 batsmen, 1 all-rounder & 1 wicket-keeper, 11 players in football where there should be at least 3 defenders, 3 mid-fielders, 1 striker & 1 goal-keeper, 7 in kabaddi with at least 2 defenders, 1 all-rounder & 1 raider, and 6 in volleyball with at least 1 Libero, 1 setter 1 blocker, 1 attacker & 1 universal. However, the remaining three players can belong to any category except wicket-keeper, goal-keeper, and Libero.

Can I choose players from one side only?

No, the users cannot choose players from one team only. They are allowed to choose a maximum of 7 players only from a single team in cricket & football, and a maximum of 4 players in kabaddi & volleyball. The remaining players should be selected from the other side.

I’ve spent my entire budget before selecting all the players of my fantasy team. How do I complete my team?

MyGameVilla allows the users to create their team within a virtual budget of 100 credit points only. Thus, the user must use the provided credits efficiently for selecting all the players of the team within the given budget of 100 credit points only.

What is the use of a Captain & Vice-captain in a team?

The Captain of a team can help the user in earning extra points. The player chosen as the Captain of the user’s team is awarded 2 times the original points whereas the Vice-captain of the team is awarded 1.5 times the original points according to their on-field performance.

When I make changes to my team, how long does it take for the changes to reflect?

The users are allowed to make multiple changes in their team but prior the deadline of the match. In addition, the changes made by the users are modified and reflected instantly.

Can I edit my team during the round?

The users are not permitted to create or edit their teams during the round. The users are only allowed to make all the changes prior to the deadline, which is usually 1 hour before the start time of the matchfor cricket, volleyball&kabaddi, 1:30 hours for football in Regular Play and right before the beginning of the real match in Safe Play.

How can I change my team name?

MyGameVilla does not allow the users to change their team names once it has been registered with us.

How do I create multiple teams for the same match?

The users can create multiple teams only after creating their first team. The users can create another team by clicking on “Create New Team” option. The user can additionally create a new team by cloning his/her previous team via the “Clone” option available on the My Teams page.

How many teams can I create for a single match? allows the users to create a maximum of 6 separate teams for a single match.

Can I join the same contest using multiple teams?

In an event wherein the contest displays “Multiple Entry,” a user can join the same contest using a maximum of 6 teams otherwise the user is allowed to join one contest with one team only. The user can identify a “Multiple Entry” contest through an “M” sign embarked on the contest.

Can I choose which of my teams will compete in a contest (Team 1 or Team 2) after joining?

The users are allowed to choose their team in a contest (Choose Team 1 or Team 2 to compete) from the ‘Joined contests’ tab until the deadline.


What type of contests can I join?

The users using the services and Fun Features provided by MyGameVilla can join various types of contests organized by such as 2-member, 3-member, 5-member and 10-member contests (depending on the number of competitors in a contest). Further, the users can join cash contest(s) to win real money or they can join the practice contests free of cost to enhance their playing skills.

What are public contests?

The public contests organized by MyGameVilla are contests that are open to everyone. Any of the MyGameVilla users can join the public contest(s) organized by MyGameVilla and be eligible for winning the contest(s).

What are private contests?

The private contests organized on MyGameVilla are contests which the user creates. In private contest a user can create his/her own contest with a pre-defined number of participants and a pre-defined winnings amount. The private contest can be shared by the user among his/her friends via a unique code. As the private contest are the contests created by the user, thus, it is not visible to all the users of MyGameVilla and is only accessible by the users who have the unique code for the contest.

How do I join contests?

The users can easily join any of the contests organized by MyGameVilla by just clicking on the ‘Join‘ button below the specific contest, the user wishes to join.

What are cash contests?

The cash contest organized by MyGameVilla are contests wherein the users can participate by paying a pre-defined entry fee and can compete with other MyGameVilla users in order to win prizes and real money. However, the user whose team scores the highest aggregate of points will be declared as the winner of the contest.

How do I know if a contest has a single winner or more than one winner?

The users can identify if a contest has a single winner or more than one winner by selecting the contest and clicking on the Winners option to view a detailed list of winners & the prize money for each rank.

I’ve spent my entire budget before selecting all the players of my fantasy team. How do I complete my team?

MyGameVilla allows the users to create their team within a virtual budget of 100 credit points only. Thus, the user must use the provided credits efficiently for selecting all the players of the team within the given budget of 100 credit points only.

How many winners will be announced for contests with multiple winners?

The number of winners in the contest(s) organized by MyGameVilla varies from one contest to the other. The number of winners to be declared in a contest will be disclosed to the users as soon as the contest is made available to join.

How is the prize money distributed in case of multiple winners?

The users can check the distribution of prize money in case of “Multiple Winners” by clicking on the pre-defined number of winners below each of the contests. In an event, the winning amount is more than ₹10,000, there will be tax deductions according to the government taxation policies. The tax deduction in case of winnings worth more than ₹10,000 is done in case of single winning of the user with a single team. In case the user wins more than ₹10,000 with multiple teams then no deductions will be made.

What happens if there is a tie between winners of a multiple winner contests?

In an event wherein there is a tie between winners of a multiple winner contests, the prize money for the position of the winners and the immediately next winning position (if any), and so forth complying with the number of tied winners, will be summed up and then distributed equally among the tied winners. All other prize money will remain as per the winner’s standing.
For instance: In an event wherein there are 2 tied winners of a multiple winner contests for the 1st position in the contest, then the prize money of the 1st and 2nd position will be summed up and then distributed among the 2 tied winners. Further, the next highest scoring individual will be awarded the prize money for the 3rd position.

What happens if a test match is declared as drawn?

In an event wherein the real test match is announced as drawn with neither of the teams completing a single inning, the fantasy match will be cancelled and the entry fees will be refunded to the users.
Further, in an event wherein the real match is declared as drawn with either of the teams completing an inning, the fantasy match will be considered to have completed and the entry fees will not be refunded.

What happens when a match is completed as per the D/L method?

In an event any match is completed through D/L method, the match is considered as completed on MyGameVilla and the points are awarded accordingly. In such cases, the ranks and points are awarded on the basis of live scores and no refund is made in such cases.

What if the contest doesn’t fill up with the required number of participants?

The users playing practice contest(s) does not win anything. The practice contest(s) organized by MyGameVilla does not charge an entry fee and are only meant for people who want to enhance their skills prior playing the cash contest(s).

What do I win in a cash contest?

The users playing the cash contest(s) organized by MyGameVilla win real money according to his/her rank as the winning prize.

Why do ranks keep fluctuating during a contest?

The ranks keep fluctuating amid a contest because of the changes in the aggregate scores of the teams due to the on-field performance of your chosen players.

How do you decide the winner of a contest?

The winner in a contest is decided on the basis of the aggregate a team scores. The user whose team scores the highest aggregate of scores on the basis of the on-field performance of their chosen players is announced as the winner of a contest.